Ready for approval

Hydrogen PEM fuel cells are among the most technologically mature Zero emission solutions for large vessels sailing over relatively long distances, and HAV Hydrogen has developed a system in the pilot project ready for approval process.

HAV Group received preliminary approval for hydrogen-based energy system for ships on May 6 2022.


The systems are the result of several years of research and development work.

FreeCO2ast is HAV Hydrogen’s ongoing development project, with a budget of NOK 95 million and funding from the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway.

HAV Hydrogen’s systems are the result of several years of intensive research and development work in the FreeCO2ast project. In cooperation with the research institutions Sintef Ocean and CMR Prototech, the different companies in the group have used their expertise in ship design, machine systems, control systems, power electronics, ship-building and shipping operations to find the optimal hydrogen solutions for zero-emission sailing for large vessels.

This pioneering work has resulted in a HAV Hydrogen system with 3.2 MW fuel cells that enable large vessels to sail with zero emissions over longer distances.

A system integrator

HAV Hydrogen is a system integrator and cooperates with suppliers of fuel cells and hydrogen tanks. Together with the other HAV Group companies, we can also deliver energy-efficient ship designs and control and energy systems from bridge to propeller.

Complete hydrogen modules

System design
Equipment purchases
Module construction
System construction
Testing and approval

Hydrogen systems integrated in ship design

System design
Integration in ship design
Equipment purchases
Testing and approval

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