About us

HAV Hydrogen’s energy system takes zero emissions even further.

We are a total supplier with expertise in pre-studies, hydrogen systems, ship integration and cooperation with the policy instrument system and private investors.

Over time, the HAV Group has used advanced computer technology to create energy-efficient ships with a lower environmental impact. Combined with HAV Hydrogen’s development work in hydrogen for ships, HAV’s cross-cutting expertise makes us a powerhouse for the green transition in shipping. 

From 2021, HAV Hydrogen is part of the HAV Group, where four companies with special expertise in leading the maritime industry through the green transition have been brought together in one group.

HAV Design - energy-efficient ship designs, system packages and engineering
HAV Hydrogen - hydrogen-based energy systems for large vessels
Norwegian Electric Systems - energy design and smart control systems
Norwegian Greentech - ballast water treatment systems and other water treatment systems for the aquaculture and maritime industry


Through years of research and development work, the HAV Group has developed complete and scalable hydrogen systems that can be used on big and small ships alike.

HAV Hydrogen is a system integrator and cooperates with suppliers of fuel cells and hydrogen tanks. Together with the other HAV Group companies, we can also deliver energy-efficient ship designs and control and energy systems from bridge to propeller.