HAV Hydrogen is committed to showing the world that a zero-emission maritime industry is possible.

The development of battery-fuelled electric ferries has proved that although employing new technology can be challenging, the new solutions can be so impressive that you will never look back.

H2 is fuel in its purest form. We can now use it to pave the way ahead for the green transition. 


The UN Sustainable Development Goals, political ambitions and new regulations push us and our customers to develop the solutions of the future already today.

For several years, the HAV Group has conducted systematic research and development work to reduce the shipping industry’s environmental impact. 

This is now in high demand in the industry, and something the authorities require and the future needs. 


The UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided that the global emissions from shipping must be halved by 2050. At the same time, Norway is committed to halving its domestic shipping emissions by 2030.

HAV Hydrogen delivers the solutions that can help us to achieve these goals by ensuring that large ships can sail longer distances with zero emissions. 

We are cutting fossil energy use and use hydrogen as fuel for transport and in infrastructure, thereby helping to combat climate change. 

The HAV Group has a particular focus on these Sustainable Development Goals: