This week HAV Hydrogen's Kristian Osnes, Managing Director, and Stefan Giske, Vice President Sales, are visiting SMM Hamburg.

You are welcome to contact us if you'd like to meet up and discuss your options for a hydrogen-based energy system.

We have received many inquiries in the last week from various players in the maritime industry who want to learn more about our containerized hydrogen (H2) energy system for ships, which can be the quick route to zero-emission for many vessel types.

HAV Hydrogen’s containerized solution is a stand-alone, scalable power supply where all support and safety systems as well as electrical power management are included. The solution is based on 200kW hydrogen fuel cells modules and can for instance be set up with 1,000 kW output from a standard 20-foot-long shipping container. By using larger containers, or combining several containers, larger capacity energy systems will also be available.

Installed effect can be used for the main propulsion systems, or for additional power supply on board the vessel. Output effect will be dimensioned to provide optimal zero emission power in desired operating situations, sailing patterns and vessel type.