We are arriving in Hamburg September 7. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our hydrogen energy systems

Our containerized solution can be the quick route to zero emission for many vessel types.

Please contact us and we will meet up:

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Managing DirectorVice President Sales
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Read more about our containerized H2 system for ships:

HAV Hydrogen is set to launch a deck-based containerized hydrogen (H2) energy system for ships in order to fast-track the commercial use of hydrogen as ship fuel.

“The containerized, deck-based system is our response to shipowners who want a retrofit option that represents significantly lower cost and risk for vessels that have not already been prepared for a conventional retrofit installation below deck. Whereas for newbuild vessels it can be a solution that reduces risk and complexity for a technology that is new to most shipyards,” says Kristian Osnes, managing director at HAV Hydrogen, a system integrator for marine fuel cell solutions.