Germany and Norway have an established partnership in the energy sector. Both countries share the ambition to reach climate goals and build up a green industry. At the 1. German Norwegian Hydrogen Forum, which is organised in close cooperation and coordination with Hamburg and the other four northern German federal states, representatives from Norway's and Germany's hydrogen economy will network and discuss future collaborations.

On 13 June 2022, the German Norwegian Hydrogen forum took place for the very first time. Norwegian and German energy professionals, pioneers, enablers, and policymakers met in Hamburg for a cross-border dialogue.

German Norwegian Hydrogen Forum_juni 2022.png

Developing the Hydrogen Economy and deepening collaboration

The use of hydrogen is essential for achieving the climate targets. To achieve this, clean hydrogen must be available quickly, in large quantities, and at a low cost. This is primarily a matter for policymakers to create the regulatory framework for the ramp-up of hydrogen now.

The Hydrogen Forum is a place to intensify the dialogue on these topics.

"While sitting and reflecting about what I have learned the last few days I must say I am impressed. Though everyone agrees we still have challenges that needs to be solved there seems to be a willingness to inspire, motivate and drive each other to a more sustainable, zero-emission future at sea", says Stefan Giske, Vice President of Sales at HAV Hydrogen.

Thanks to all who have participated, and a special thanks to everyone from Innovation Norway that has made this possible.