The project's objective perfectly complements our investment in retrofittable containerized zero-emission facilities, showcasing our dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Project Highlights:

  • In September 2023, the project secured a significant grant of 1.3 million NOK from @Vestland Fylkeskommune, marking a significant milestone.
  • Our esteemed Project Partners, a diverse group of stakeholders from across the maritime value chain, are working together to accelerate emissions reduction in the sector.
  • The focus of this project is on retrofitting existing vessels to operate on zero-emission fuels, a vital step towards reducing emissions in the maritime industry.
  • By leveraging our region's rich maritime and oil & gas heritage, strong shipyards, and technology expertise, we aim to create new green jobs, products, and services, benefiting both our local communities and the global market.
  • The project's scope is centered on the offshore supply vessel segment, an area with immense potential for substantial benefits, considering the prevalence of offshore-related activities in Vestland.
  • Our project goals include identifying market potential, assessing investment and operational costs, evaluating fuel availability, exploring export potential, and determining infrastructure requirements.

Ultimately, this project promises positive ripple effects, green job creation, and significant value addition to our county. 

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Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly maritime industry!